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    Why we require evidence when banning.

    By jonmac5037,

    This is addressing the problem that some players have with both staff and how we handle situations and reports. Staff members will respond to reports and will eventually ask for evidence, the reason behind this if you do not know already, is because of biased reports in sight of targeting players to get them banned. We require evidence when banning players since we cannot be in every RP sit watching over all the players we just simply can't. Some occasions we will ask the player who is reported whether they have and most of the time it is a no however we strive to take action on all rule breakers, so, using evidence is a very efficient way of helping staff members when wanting action to be taken. We are not being biased we simply need evidence incase the report is biased. We are doing ours jobs correctly. We are open to criticism however blatant disrespect in anger of nothing being done about your report will result in a warning for disrespect, if this continues you risk being banned. If you do feel, at any time in an admin sit, that the staff member is being biased then please either make a disciplinary request or request another staff member to watch over the admin sit and add their perspective.

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    KX | Marcus
    By KX | Marcus,

    We have just hired 2 Developers to re-make KXRP from scratch.

    They have a 1 month deadline, but we need to get the main features we want on KXRP on trello today.


    So if you guys, the community have any ideas, tonight, that would be great. - This is the trello link, so you know what's there and not.


    If you wish to contribute to this project, feel free to visit this link.


    Any donation will be appreciated, and rewarded accordingly.

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    Map change - Paralake.

    KX | Marcus
    By KX | Marcus,


    Thank you all for voting in the latest poll, for a map change.

    The transfer to Paralake will start this weekend, and some bug fixes will come along with it.

    So I expect to be done with the transfer either this Sunday or Monday.

    I have added yet another poll that will end tomorrow, for which version of Paralake we should use, please vote here.





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    Racing events

    KX | Krijag
    By KX | Krijag,



    Racing Events


    I know many people in the community like to race their cars, so that's why we made this event. Racing is just people racing each other, then its ending in one winner.  


    WINNER PRIZE = $250K!


    The event starts 5PM GMT, and because of that the racing area will be blocked off


    Every car is allowed in this race besides banned cars.

    The banned cars are:


    All Custom Cars (Including Lykan Hypersport)

    Audi RS3

    Audi RS7

    Lamborghini Veneno


    If you want all race events time, and what type they are, visit this link:



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