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    Staff position opening

    KX | Venom
    By KX | Venom,

    We have recently made some changes to our staff team due to some staff members not being able to be able to be active enough.

    We are looking for a new staff member so we have decided to open our staff applications on the forums. There is a template and some requirements on a post made by Marcus here: 

    Good luck to everyone that decides to apply!


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    Late changelog

    KX | Marcus
    By KX | Marcus,

    Hi guys!

    Late changelog for some updates that was released the last week.



    We have acquired bitminers, and this has been added to the server.

    Sadly, it was very poorly balanced, and this was my fault.

    As a result of this, we did calculations to match up and make it be a little bit more profitable than weed. 

    Upgrades for this has been disabled.

    You can buy this in the electronics store, and the setup is very straight forward.

    Generator-Power lead-Miner

    In the future there will be a new currency called BTC(since bitminers mines bitcoins), which will allow you to store them, and maybe sell them if the value goes up.


    Other than that there's not much to it, YET.

    We have changed/added some custom cars. As the custom cars were changed, we will be adding them to the store for you all next update.


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    Big Update

    KX | Nakath
    By KX | Nakath,

    Big Update! - Police Department revamp

    • Added new playermodels for police
    • Added new vehicles and skins for police
    • Added new weapon loadouts depending on rank for police
    • Added panic button for police that broadcasts your location (press P)
    • Added police garage NPC (only for spawning car and quitting job)
    • Added more options on withdraw at ATM
    • Changed rank names for police
    • Changed so police rank Lieutenant or higher can now give out warrants
    • Custom Vehicles added for those who ordered (Expect faster delivery in the future)
    • Fixed demote for garbageman and UPS
    • Fixed client errors from mail package
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    KX | Nakath
    By KX | Nakath,

    A few recent updates to the server:

    • Car repair fixed
    • Bombs will now break all doors, and doors will respawn after 10 minutes
    • Driving ban is working again
    • All police will now also start with pistol and ticket swep
    • Minor adjustments to scoreboard
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    • Accepted Next time you fail drive your ban will be extended. Please contact a member of staff in game with this appeal showing approval of being unbanned.   Locked, moved. 
    • Accepted please learn from this ban. 
    • Which staff member banned you (if not automatic):  Jay Your Steam Name:ShuffleJ Your In-game Name:ShuffleJ Oja Your Steam ID: 76561198185607411 Why were you banned:Faildriving and running red light(S) Why should you be unbanned:I invited 1 friend to server and we want to be police officers but i cant drive Length of ban (If known): Additional Comment(s):i would realy appreaciate if you would unban me.
    • Ik that Marcus and I did some testing back when they came out, first they were OP asfk, then he accidently nerfed so you actually lost money from bitminers.  However i think its great that the profit is same as weed, cause before you could only do Cocain, meth and weed. And now bitminers are added to make even more money. It's supposed to take long time to make money back for all the equipment before starting to make the big profit. However once you get there (the 2m back)it's only pure profit from there. Ofcourse this comes as a high risk but brining more money making methods to the server will make economy go to hell eventually and that is why i guess you do this at a high risk. Earn more money than you could before but at a much higher risk, seems fair to me.   And about the upgrades, when we tried doing with upgrade and without upgrades before it was so unbalanced. For example you did only make profit from bitminers if you upgraded it but you lost money if you couldn't afford to upgrade it. Ofcourse i still enjoyed the upgraded version and would like to have it back but has to be tested A LOT before it's released again.   - LindgreN -EDIT I also like the fuel thing a lot. It adds a lot more activity then just plant and stand afk!
    • Also if you were to get a gun and shoot it, it would only take 3 bullets to take out a small server, you could make someone lose alot of money by doing this.
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