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    Quick change

    KX | Marcus
    By KX | Marcus,


    As promised - all car damage now saves to your car, meaning you will need to make sure that your car is in roadworthy condition.

    If the car is 100% damaged (0% health), you will need to buy a new engine and mount that onto the car, or have a roadcrew tow it to the impound to get the car fixed from the car fixer guy.


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    Server Event 14/01/17

    KX | Spartan
    By KX | Spartan,



    |Picture from event|

    Thanks everyone who paticipated in the endurance/drag race, hope you all enjoyed! Thanks to @KX | Venom @TheRealSparks @Liam for setting up and hosting it! Believe there may be more pictures commented from Sparks

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    KX | Marcus
    By KX | Marcus,

    Hi guys!

    Another update for tonight :D


    1. Fixed the police computer to actually check if player has license, as it showed "no"
    2. Hopefully all license plates added
    3. UPS Packages sometimes spawning underground, this should be fixed.
    4. UPS Drivers now has a type of "ESP", to easier find packages when driving around. (Starts showing 120 meters away from package)
    5. Department of Motor Vehicles
      1. You now have to register your vehicle for a fee of $5,000.
      2. All vehicle plates are UNIQUE per vehicle you own, so that different cars means different plate.
      3. You are REQUIRED to have a license plate on your car, you may be fined if not.
    6. Added saving to buying/selling cars. Some users were experiencing losing money if the server crashed before their character saved.
    7. Added an information board type of thing for UPS so that players know what exactly to do when getting on the job, there were some confusions around this.

    I attempted to make vehicle damage save/load, but it doesn't actually load it properly. Next update maybe :-)



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    Addition of UPS job

    KX | Marcus
    By KX | Marcus,

    Hi guys!

    I am incredibly sorry about the UPS update taking so long to get finished, but there were minor complications that we couldn't foresee. 

    The job is now done, and live in the server, for you guys to enjoy!

    *Please note that there MIGHT still be some bugs, please let us know if you find any :D 



    The job is quite simple.

    1. The UPS NPC is placed just across the street from the city hall, at the parking lot.
    2. You join the job just as you would with others, and get your own UPS car.
    3. Drive around Rockford, find a parcel and press E to claim it
    4. Put the parcel inside of your car
    5. Take the parcel back to the UPS NPC, get the parcel out of your car and put it in the delivery box.

    Each parcel gives you $500, this will most likely be upped a little bit to match the current economy of KX-PERP.

    VCMod update

    As most of you now know, VCMod had a major update, which means there were some new items that we had to bring into the gamemode.

    I have added a car parts store just by the Road crew NPC, where you can buy a wrench and miscellaneous car parts that you may need.

    Police change

    Since the VCMod update brought brand new road spikes, I have changed the old PERP roadspikes with the new ones that now comes with VCMod. This will prove useful when setting up roadblocks in police chases etc. 

    Trash change

    Due to a lot of trash being spawned, and not a lot of people becoming trashmen, I have disabled trash spawn if there's no trashmen currently working.

    Trash will instantly spawned on designated spawn points as soon as a player joins the job.


    We will be preparing the gamemode for a little bit more heavy change soon, which means that the update may take some time, bug fixes will still be possible.



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