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    Big Update

    KX | Nakath
    By KX | Nakath,

    Big Update! - Police Department revamp

    • Added new playermodels for police
    • Added new vehicles and skins for police
    • Added new weapon loadouts depending on rank for police
    • Added panic button for police that broadcasts your location (press P)
    • Added police garage NPC (only for spawning car and quitting job)
    • Added more options on withdraw at ATM
    • Changed rank names for police
    • Changed so police rank Lieutenant or higher can now give out warrants
    • Custom Vehicles added for those who ordered (Expect faster delivery in the future)
    • Fixed demote for garbageman and UPS
    • Fixed client errors from mail package
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    KX | Nakath
    By KX | Nakath,

    A few recent updates to the server:

    • Car repair fixed
    • Bombs will now break all doors, and doors will respawn after 10 minutes
    • Driving ban is working again
    • All police will now also start with pistol and ticket swep
    • Minor adjustments to scoreboard
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    Forum rollback and quick change on PERP

    KX | Marcus
    By KX | Marcus,

    Hi guys!

    There were some issues related to a forum update, which resulted in the forum database and forum software not wanting to cooperate. 

    As a result, some data has been lost. 

    I have recovered most posts,threads,purchases, forum registrations, but some people may have lost their VIP ranks. In that case, just contact me or DoctorSparks, and you will get it back immediately.

    No in-game data was lost during this rollback.

    As for PERP;

    We've been made aware of a duplication exploit within the trading system.

    The trading system has been disabled, but will be reenabled with a fix next update.

    We have heard rumours about it before, but were never able to identify what it actually was. We now know what is is, and we will do our best to prevent things like this happening again in the future.

    Have a nice day!


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    Small changelog

    KX | DoctorSparks
    By KX | DoctorSparks,


    Back at it with another changelog.



    - Slot machines - all found in izzies palace :-)

    - Stock Market - Machine found in bank and open 13.30 - 20.00 UTC

    - Reset Character button found under options tab in F1 - Can only be used once and requires 48 hours playtime, it resets all items and money, gives you 25k start but you keep your playtime and name.



    Doctor + Marcus

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    • When i was playing at 04:00 gmt +1 i was raided by jake and his crew of 2 other we won the raid resulting in messages about the raid in ooc breakin nlr and meta. they were protecting thems self by saying that its not meta since theres no one on but thats still meta in my opinion.   YT link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrgAEsv9pGI&feature=youtu.be    Btw the guy talking "bob" is my brother so yeah hes right behind me in rl. when im saying admins i mean admin (jake) and the other guys. and the passive aggressive "ban" thingy is just becuse i feel like they are saying it like that.    
    • Our staff members have been a part of the community for a pretty long time so they know most of the old players and how much they tend to break rules and besides that we have the warning system that you obviously know about already. If there are 2 players and they both break Fear RP other one might be a player that has already broken the rule a few times which most likely leads in to him getting banned. However the other person might either be a new player when he will be explained the rule and made sure that he understands what he did is wrong or he could be a more experienced player who hasn't broken the rules before and his punishment will be more lenient. I was not involved in any of the specific cases you were talking about so I do not know what the situation was like in them but I am sure the staff did their best in them and from what I have read in this thread the punishments have been very suitable.
    • Locking this post. Matt your opinions have been more than noted. Awaiting a conclusion from senior staff.
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