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    February Update

    KX | Nakath
    By KX | Nakath,

    More updates!

    The following has been added:

    • A fire alarm will sound in the FD when a fire spawns, and a notification to the firemen with the nearby location.

    It's time for updates!

    The following has been added:

    • 3rd person view (press F6 to toggle)
    • Act menu (press B to open)
    • Death timer (so you see how long you have to wait)
    • ESP for medics (with timer)
    • Players in handcuffs will now forcefully follow you
    • New fire system (when there is firemen, random fires will spawn, +improved spread)

    The following has been changed:

    • Death timer have been increased slightly to support the new medic changes
    • Movement speed has been lowered slightly
    • Handcuffs have new animations
    • Hands can now Grab objects
    • Hands can now knock on doors

    If you find any bugs with the new features, please inform me as soon as possible and i will fix them.

    Known bugs that will be fixed soon.

    • When PM'ing it says you are cuffed (use the rPhone as an alternative "hold R")
    • Can pickup UPS props with hands (please don't use this to grief)
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    Quick change

    KX | Marcus
    By KX | Marcus,


    As promised - all car damage now saves to your car, meaning you will need to make sure that your car is in roadworthy condition.

    If the car is 100% damaged (0% health), you will need to buy a new engine and mount that onto the car, or have a roadcrew tow it to the impound to get the car fixed from the car fixer guy.


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    Server Event 14/01/17

    KX | Spartan
    By KX | Spartan,



    |Picture from event|

    Thanks everyone who paticipated in the endurance/drag race, hope you all enjoyed! Thanks to @KX | Venom @TheRealSparks @Liam for setting up and hosting it! Believe there may be more pictures commented from Sparks

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    KX | Marcus
    By KX | Marcus,

    Hi guys!

    Another update for tonight :D


    1. Fixed the police computer to actually check if player has license, as it showed "no"
    2. Hopefully all license plates added
    3. UPS Packages sometimes spawning underground, this should be fixed.
    4. UPS Drivers now has a type of "ESP", to easier find packages when driving around. (Starts showing 120 meters away from package)
    5. Department of Motor Vehicles
      1. You now have to register your vehicle for a fee of $5,000.
      2. All vehicle plates are UNIQUE per vehicle you own, so that different cars means different plate.
      3. You are REQUIRED to have a license plate on your car, you may be fined if not.
    6. Added saving to buying/selling cars. Some users were experiencing losing money if the server crashed before their character saved.
    7. Added an information board type of thing for UPS so that players know what exactly to do when getting on the job, there were some confusions around this.

    I attempted to make vehicle damage save/load, but it doesn't actually load it properly. Next update maybe :-)



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    • Welcome back! Hope to see you on the server
    • Players will be given a warning in-game   Locked
    • After talking to them individually, I have come to a conclusion that I'd prefer it if they received a warning. They only play on KX PERP and it'd be bad to take that away from them. Even temporarily, they understand that they need to chill with what they're doing and I said "If you really do play on this server and this server only then be careful, try not to break any rules. Else you'll lose the privilege to be on the server." They're decent people, just need to re-read the rules and be careful. Try not to be with the wrong people. Thank you for understanding   -- @KX | Marcus - cheers for the help -- @[email protected]
    • Requesting for: Ban Your Steam Name: WhiteWolf Your In-game Name: Matthew Cardiaz-Bryson Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77774968 (1) His/Her Steam Name: DAN_FONT -- @DAN_FONT (2) His/Her Steam Name:  benrollason -- @benrollason (1) His/Her In-game Name: Hugh Latorre (2) His/Her In-game Name: Ben Latorre (1) His/Her Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:197175633 (1) His/Her Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:202118714 Why they should be banned: So, first of all, I'd like to clarify one of the members (Ben) did apologise for 'kidnapping' me and not the rule break at the start. All was said was "It was a mistake" in OOC. Let's begin. As I spawned I went to get my car, my game was having an issue where I couldn't hear anyone for a few moments, which I was fixing. I did not hear ben say "get on the floor" the first time, however, I explained that to him in LOOC [Local Out Of Character]. I then proceeded on with the role-play, whilst I was recording. They pointed a gun at me outside the city hall, the area had 2 NPC's there which they could've simply called upon emergency services (realistically). I then was told to get in the vehicle as you see in the video and taken to a 'warehouse' I was apparently meant to know what I had done wrong, which I just re-joined the server after 4/5 months, I then said I did nothing wrong, never did any of what 'allegedly' happened. When they let me go, they stated "my friend got kidnapped yesterday and he had 'Matthew' in his name." this is meta-gaming as I never told them my name and I was only a few minutes on the server. They should've never kidnapped me in the first place, I do understand Ben did apologise however his excuse was "my friend got kidnapped yesterday and he had 'Matthew' in his name."  "I made a report when a staff member was online whom of which was @KX | Spartan.  Additional Comment(s): If you require anything else please do ask, I will attempt to provide. Evidence (If any):   
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