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    Old staff member returning

    KX | Venom
    By KX | Venom,

    We are re-promoting ErmergurdItsRob, he resigned a while ago because he had work related stuff to do and was too busy with that. He was a community manager back in Predatorrealm and he was there starting Kontaxon aswell. He will be promoted to his old rank community manager.

    Lethal Hide and Seek

    Brum The Original
    By Brum The Original,

    Hello KX,

    Event: Lethal Hide and Seek

    Location: Industrial

    Time: 20:00 GMT+1

    Price: 2,500$ (if theres a large amount of players in the event)


    For tonight we'll be hosting a version of hide and seek, however though this will be a more lethal version.

    What can you expect?

    Tonight as 20:00 GMT +1 we'll use Industrial as an area for the event. Here we will have Moonboy be the seeker but he will use his machette to kill anyone he comes across off. He will continue doing so untill the last one alive. The last one alive obviously wins

    Don't bring anything but some drinks and food with you cause you will have a chance of dying!

    I hope to see you all there,

    Kind Regards,




    Premium Benefits

    KX | Nakath
    By KX | Nakath,

    Since launch last weekend, everyone have been getting a free taste of the Premium benefits.

    Meaning you could grow more drugs, carry more items, buy exclusive cars, pimp your ride etc.

    We hope you enjoyed it, and will consider supporting us in the future.


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    • Title: Name - EPD Application - Date Name (Roleplay): Mason Riding STEAMID: STEAM 0:0:156169495 Age and Date of Birth: 5/7/2000 age: 17 Do you have any previous law enforcement experience? If so, please elaborate: I used to be a police officer for another rp server called melon stick gaming but i cant seem to find that server anymore. Why do you want to join the Department?: I want to join to enforce the law and make sure others are safe. What do you think the duty of a police officer truly is?: Protecting citizens and making sure that law is enforced successfully. What is your greatest strength?: I have been a police officer before on another server so i know what im doing. What is your greatest weakness?: I do not have a very loud mic and sometimes it requires me to have to text insted of talk. Tell us about yourself: I am a gamer that likes to roleplay alot of the times. Most if not all of the games I play are roleplay because i just find it fun. What sets you apart from everyone else? (50 words minimum): I am currently in police cadets so i have a good idea on policing in real life which can help me in game. I am very calm in situations and I do not over react when something happens. I have decent reactions to things, so if someone was to pull a gun I could react and get me and hopefully others out of danger. As I have said before I have been a police officer before which can help me massivly when it comes to policing in this server.
    • Hello, this will be a short tutorial on how to get the basic levels in each skill. Firstly you can buy books from the book store to gain up to level 10 but each level you go up, you cost of the book increases drastically. The book store can be found at the apartments, next to the electronics store. If you'd rather get your skill levels up manually, you can craft items from each of the benches (gun smithing table, crafting table and assembly table). The gun smithing table is used to craft all your ammunition and attatchments, to find out how much each of those cost, click the link below. The crafting table is used to craft your general items such as car maintenance and proper required for manufacturing illegal substances (meth and weed), for the things that you need to create drugs, you can find them here: Finally, the assembly table is used to craft props required to manufacture weed and also weapons and misc items such as lockpicks, molotovs and flash bangs.
    • Hello, this will be a brief tutorial giving you the basics of how to create your very own store and be able to sell any item you desire!   Firstly, you will need to purchase a cash register and some signs to show what you sell, these can be found at the electronics store at the apartments. After this, you will need to purchase a suitable store from the property retailer (I'd suggest the large shop if you can afford it as it is just across from the banks, a hotspot for players!) Once you have bought your desired store, you will need to place your cash register (drop it) and drop the items you would like to sell.   In order to sell items, you will need to drop them near the cash register and then go into the cash register by pressing E, a menu will appear and you will be able to select the item, 'List item for sale' and set the price you would like to sell it for. Once you've done this, your almost ready to go! All you need now is some signs outside your store to let people know your open and possible some signs inside to let them know what you sell! To do this, you need to place the sign (drop it), press E on it and it will open a message box, you will be able to write what ever you want in it but you are limited on what you can write each line. There you go! your all set to open your shop and to make sure people know your open for business, use the /advert command and let the people of Evocity know your open! One last thing, to be able to sell firearms legally, you will need to apply for a Federal Firearms license which can be found below.  
    • I recommend hes friendly and helps out and is on when a lot because in those last 2 weeks he has had 160 hours on this server  
    • Congratulations! Your application has been approved by departmental command. You have been accepted into the force as a cadet, complete training to advance.   Before you go on duty, read the following documents or you risk being removed from the force: http://kontaxon.com/index.php?/forums/forum/60-general-information/
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